To use quality and processes to deliver, "In Time".
Recruitment and search services, based on an intimate understanding of our clients needs,
in order to enable them to achieve their corporate objectives through the very best talent available.


Candidate Services

Many of the best jobs are never advertised. Most corporations depend on employment services such as ours to recruit, screen, select and refer qualified candidates for these positions. Conscript has long-term relationships with many companies that rely upon our judgment, often exclusively, to assist them in their hiring process. We represent companies with outstanding track records in the areas of compensation, benefits and growth opportunities.

As an experienced and qualified professional, where does one go to meet the companies in need of your services? How do you get your foot in the door? You have the skills and the talent to do the job but no contacts. How do you set yourself apart from the rest?

  • Provide candidate with client's profile.
  • Establish interview schedules.
  • Debrief candidate after interview.
  • Brief hiring manager on candidate's response.
  • Prepare for next round of interviews if necessary.
  • Negotiate offer between candidate and client.
  • Obtain candidate acceptance and start date.
  • Provide counseling before resignation, ensuring that candidate understands the reasons for not accepting a counteroffer.
  • Assist candidate with resignation letter.
  • Provide candidate with shifting tips if locating to a new location.
  • Provide him/her with travel, estate agent nos.

Conscript doesn't treat its people like a commodity or just another name in a large database. We truly care about you and your search for the perfect job. We provide our candidates challenging assignments with valued clients. We assure you of an accurate assessment of your marketability and an honest representation of your skills. Recognizing the value of your time, we refer you only to positions that will help you achieve your goals; you are not sent on your way with a name in your hand and then forgotten. We keep you informed of your status every step of the way and provide answers when needed and support throughout your projects. We have adopted the human touch - a difference so unique that those who have believed us can attest to it. The result can be seen in superior performance and client satisfaction.

Conscript provides you with access to the widest possible range of companies, all of which are in a hiring mode. As we introduce you to our clients, you will see your options grow far beyond the limitations of your own network.

You may view a listing of current job opportunities at our website. The list, which is updated daily, includes job positions with our clients at various locations.