To use quality and processes to deliver, "In Time".
Recruitment and search services, based on an intimate understanding of our clients needs,
in order to enable them to achieve their corporate objectives through the very best talent available.



Conscript began as an end-to-end IT Staffing Company. Having successfully survived two recessions we are still servicing the same IT Clients like Patni Computers and IBM Global Services for close to a decade now.

However, keeping in mind Our Team’s Dynamism, we ventured into the Non-IT arena and today Conscript has an eclectic mix of Clients from various verticals like Manufacturing, Steel, Retail, Banking and Financial Services, Construction and Real Estate among many others.

We are very proud to render our services to Clients who are extremely pleased with Conscript’s Strong Work Ethic, Timely Delivery yet never losing track of Accurate Candidature