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Candidates Guide to a Perfect Interview

Employers want candidates to ask good questions based on knowledge of the organization and career field. Here are some questions you might ask employers. For additional guidance and insight, talk with your Conscript recruiter before the interview.

  • During the Initial Interview
    • Is this a new position that you're filling, or will I be replacing someone else?
    • What are the major tasks and responsibilities?
    • What are the priorities over the next year?
    • How does this position (or department) fit into the organization, and what is its role in meeting company objectives? Could you show me an organizational chart?
    • What does it take to succeed here? Can you give me some examples?
    • How is success measured in this position and in this organization?
    • What kind of orientation or training is provided?
    • How much travel is required? How often is overtime required?
    • Does this position function mainly alone, or in a team setting? Tell me about the team.
    • What is the greatest challenge currently facing this department or organization?
    • What are the major strengths and weaknesses of this work group?
    • Is this a competitive industry?
    • How is this organization different from its competitors?
    • How would you describe the organizational culture?
    • What is this organization's management philosophy?
    • Tell me about your own experience with this organization. What do you enjoy most about working here? What do you like the least?
  • During Subsequent Interviews
    • What is the history of this position, and what changes do you anticipate?
    • How are the geographical location assignments and transfers determined?
    • How much decision-making autonomy would I have? What is the growth potential for someone in this position a few years from now?
    • How many employees take advantage of the educational tuition assistance program? (Ask only if you know such a program exists.)
    • What kind of staff will be available to me or to this department?
    • Assuming you have received resumes from many qualified applicants, what qualifications from my resume do you find of interest resulting in this opportunity to interview for the position? (Ask at the end of an on-site visit.)
  • At Any Point During the Interview Process
    • What is the next step in the interview process? What is your time frame?
    • What can I do to further demonstrate my interest in this position?
    • Can you describe what it is like to live in this community?