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Counter Offers

A counteroffer can be very flattering, and your emotions may cause you temporarily to lose sight of your original objectives. You may second-guess your decision and feel the attraction of the familiar. This is exactly what your present employer hopes will happen.

Here are 10 important reasons not to accept a counteroffer.

  1. When the smoke clears following a counteroffer, all the reasons why you wanted to leave are still there! You made the decision to leave because you felt that another opportunity would better fill your career needs.
  2. If you are worth more when you are leaving, why weren't you worth more when you were staying? Where is the money for a counteroffer coming from? Is it your raise early? Companies have strict wage and salary guidelines that they are not going to change just for you.
  3. It is likely that your company will immediately start looking for your replacement at a lower salary.
  4. When tough times come, your employer may begin the cutbacks with you.
  5. You have now made your employer aware that you are unhappy. From now on, your loyalty may always be in question.
  6. Accepting a counteroffer may make you lose respect by seeming unsure and indecisive.
  7. This may seem harsh, but the chances are good that the reasons for a counteroffer have more to do with the inconvenience of making changes than with your value to the company.
  8. Statistics show that if you accept a counteroffer, the probability that you will resign voluntarily in six months or be let go within a year is extremely high. By that time, this new opportunity will be only a distant memory.
  9. Accepting a counteroffer is most likely an emotional rather than an intellectual decision.
  10. In the final analysis, the counteroffer has come only because of your resignation. Will you have to threaten to quit every time you want to advance within this company?