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Resume Tips

Resumes are about you and your performance in previous jobs, indicating how you might perform in your next job.

Format suggestions

  • Keep the setup balanced and consistent.
    • When listing employers, give a brief company description.
    • When listing projects, include details such as project descriptions, dollar amounts, specific duties and outcome.
  • List specific accomplishments and responsibilities. " Sell yourself" , be sure to highlight all of your strengths.
    • Make a good first impression. Place the most interesting and compelling facts about yourself at the beginning. List your qualifications in order of relevance.
    • Be concise. As a rule of thumb, resumes reflecting five years experience or less should fit on one page. More extensive experience can justify using a second page. Consider three pages (about 15 years of experience) the upper limit.
    • List only recent information. Show work experience only for the last 10 to 15 years.
    • When describing jobs, fill your resume with Problem-Action-Results statements. In other words, first state the problem that existed in your workplace, then describe what you did about it, and finally point out the beneficial results.
    • Begin sentences with action verbs. Portray yourself as someone who is lively, sharp and gets things done.
    • Highlight your skills. Use a skill-based format that stresses your main talents. Use popular keywords and buzzwords that are industry-specific.
    • Communication. Use words understood by everyone to illustrate your experience.
    • Quantify your experience. Use numbers such as budgets, cost savings, and time efficiencies, which can be credited directly to the effects of your work.
    • Omit needless items. such as social security number, health, citizenship, scholarships, and irrelevant associations, memberships, and publications; recreational activities, references, mention of references ("available upon request"), travel history, previous pay rates, supervisors' names, reasons for leaving jobs.
    • Proofread. Be neat and error-free. Be sure to catch all spelling errors, grammatical weaknesses, unusual punctuation, and inconsistent capitalization.
    • Keep it honest. Don't ever put in anything you can't defend, justify, or comfortably explain.
    • Make sure it's right. You never get a second chance to make a good first impression. If you can't do it yourself, then seek assistance from a professional like your Conscript recruiter who can give you the extra edge.
    • Be organized, logical, and concise. The format of your resume reflects strongly upon your personality.
    • Be positive. Emphasize a positive, can-do attitude.